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I'm an illustrator and designer born and raised in West Michigan. Wild childhood adventures with friends, trips to the library for stacks of books, and a constant pursuit of all things hands-on and hand-made shaped me into who I am today. Unable to avoid the inevitable, I pursued the arts and earned a BFA in Illustration at Grand Valley State University. Whether designing or illustrating, my work begins hands-on with sketching and evolves from there. I dabble with my many mediums, but ink and watercolor never stray far from my reach. I enjoy blending portraiture, narrative work, and hand-drawn typography.

I'm a maker, so if not at my desk drawing, I'm out exploring new ways of doing things hands-on. Textiles are my other passion. I sew, quilt, and do needlework, exploring the new textures and uses different fabric connections create. I can also be found making delicious food, studying up on some research, or headed off on an international adventure.


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